Kotori Itsuka

itsuka kotori referenceCharacter: Itsuka Kotori

Series: Date a Live

Version: Uniform

Debut: january 2016

PH: MGPhotographer

I watched Date a Live anime 2 years ago after a friend suggestion. It’s the tipical harem story, with so many girls and one boy (Itsuka Shido). Kotori is the main character’s sister, she’s young, tsundere and a leader. It was love!

I ordered the wig more than one year ago, I styled it but I never made the costume – I wanted to start with the 1st episode dress and later do the spirit version, but suddenly I did other cosplays in 2015.
This year I had the chance to receive the red uniform by a sponsor, so one of three version is done. I want to do by my self the other two costumes maybe in future (danm, I have too many plans!).