Sweet Angel @ Liburnicon 2019

liburnicon sweetangel

My next convention as cosplay guest will be LIBURNICON in Opatija (Abbazia) in Croazia.
Liburnicon is a festival of science fiction, fantasy, advanced science, history and mythology, organised by the association Kulturni front.

I’ll be there only Saturday 17.08.2019, my schedule should be this, it may change a little bit:

  • h.  16.00: let’s take a photo together and if you want you can buy my prints!
  • h. 18.00: Panel “how to start with cosplay” and it’s about cosplay basics: character references, proportions, materials, lenses and wigs but it also has some useful suggestions for competitions!
  • h. 20.30: Judge for the cosplay fashion walk
  • h. 22.00: Award ceremony

I’m there for the cosplay area, but there is much more to do!

  • Lectures: Unsolved big bang mysteries, Tales from the future, Croatian folk horror, High fantasy, Short history of alternate history, Woman in astronomy, Steampunk between alternate history and alternate future, etc
  • Books and tabletop games presentations
  • Music: Take it Dee Dee (Ramones cover band) and The Winch (rock band), DJ, ukulele live jukebox
  • Game tournaments: Trapwords, Lords of Waterdeep, Galaxy Truckers, Magic the Gathering, Soul Calibour VI – Tournament of souls, Crash team racing
  • DnD sessions for beginners and advanced players, Warhammer 40K
  • Workshops: Fantasy origami, Steampunk jewelry and top hats, Steampunk dragon eggs, Magical potions, Fractal universe, How to write your first novel, Three “go-to” structures for a good story
  • Quizzes: Astronomy, HBO quiz, Harry Potter quiz, Big blue, Guess that Anime opening, Soundtrack quiz, XXL book quiz, Ultimate villain quiz, Slay the Dragon with Tad Williams
  • LARP, including a Larpaton (make your own larp in 1 hour)
  • Star Trek bowling, karaoke, Stand up comedy, Treasure hunt, Room escape, Human size ludo, Airsoft presentation, Green screen photo session

So, see you next weekend in Opatija for Liburnicon!


Credit PH:
Aleksander Photography, Marco Galeano, Andrea Anelli, Luca Finotto, AZ production


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