Yuna Songstress

Senza titolo-4Character: Yuna (dressphere: Songstress)

Series: Final Fantasy X-2

When realized: december 2014 – february 2015

Time of work: 2months  sewing few hours a week

First event: Explay 2015

Photographer: MGPhotographer, Kuma photography, TheDevil

Probably you don’t know, but this dress was the first I wanted to make before starting to do cosplay. I waited 6 years to become able to create it as I wanted; finding the fabrics took me more than a year.
I’m satisfied about this costume: it is well refined also inside and it’s very comfortbale .

Yuna (with Rikku) is my favourite game character, and FFX and X2 are my favourite games, probably the motivation because I started doing cosplay. This costume so is more than a dress for me.



Here you can find the Work In Progress.