Xecty Ein

Xecty swimsuitCharacter: Xecty Ein

Series: Shining Wind

Version: Swimsuit

When realized: august 2015

Time of work: just some days

PH: MGPhotographer, Scott Art

Xecty is my favourite character from the anime Shining Wind X Tears. I always wanted to do her cosplay (the classic dress), but for many reason I never did it. For “Aqualandia Cosplay Summer Party” I decided to do her swimsuit version bacause the event takes place in a wonderful water park and everyone wear a bikini or a summer costume. I’m one of the organizer so I wanted something easy and comfortable to wear. I added an extra skirt for feel more confident :p
There should be a group of 5 girls from the same series but at the end we were only in two: me and Yuki No Hana.

Wings:  I made them in craft foam and some small feathers for give a fluffy look
Wig: basic black wig and I added a removable rigid tuft (Wig review here)
Bikini: I bought a basic black bikini (it was so hard to find, this summer was full of fluo colours and nothing in black without skulls or glitters xD), and then I added the details with other fabric and ribbons.
Skirt: I made it in black and white lycra