Jason Voorhees

96c703451ae56487bddc373203f63a28Character: Jason Voorhees

Series: Shunya Yamashits’s art and Kotobukiya figure

When realized: march 2015

Time of work: some weeks for sew the jacket, one week for the weapons, and some months for collect all the materials (fabrics, wig, boots)

Photographer: MGPhotographer, Christian Scott Art, Alessio Buzi (Fotomania)

This is a couple project with my best friend Yuki no Hana. We decided to make a couple of character easy to transport in convention, comfortable and easy to wear. We totally loved Yamashita’s design about these two characters. We know  there is a huge difference from the original move “Freddy VS Jason”, but we wanted to be faithful to Yamashita’s creation because he’s one of our favoutite artist.

The jacket is handmade, the fabric was quite expensive (35€/m) but I totally love it. It’s my first jacket and I’m proud about the result :)
For top and jeans I bought them in a chinese shop (was so hard to find them of the right colour) and then I cut/burned everything (my fingers too).
Weapons are handmade to (with the great help of Antonio Style), and the materials are plastic and wood.
I styled the wig by myself too.
Jason’s mask tutorial here.

Other Making of photos here.