Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th

Character: Jason Voorhees

Version: Shunya Yamashita artbook & Kotobukyia figure

Series: Friday the 13th

When realized: 2015

Costume: handmade

This cosplay started as a couple project with my friend Yuki no Hana. We decided to make a couple of characters easy to transport to conventions, comfortable and easy to wear. We totally loved Yamashita’s design about these two villains. We know  there is a huge difference from the original movie “Freddy VS Jason”, but we wanted to be faithful to Yamashita’s creation because he’s one of our favoutite artist.

I have a lot of Jason photos, I selected only 3 pics from each shooting. I suggest you to click each one to see them without crop and in bigger size!



  • The jacket is handmade, the fabric was quite expensive (35€/m) but I totally love it. It’s my first jacket and I’m proud about the result!
  • I bought top and jeans in a local shop (was so hard to find them of the right colour) and then I cut/burned everything (my fingers too).
  • Weapons are handmade to (with the great help of Antonio Style), and the materials are plastic and wood.
  • Wig is styled with just hairspray
  • Full Jason’s mask tutorial here.
  • Other Making of photos here.