purple wizardCharacter: Female Wizard

Series: Diablo III

Version: Wei Wang Illustration

When realized: october 2015

Time of work: 1 month and half, working 8-10 hours/day. Around 250hours

Award: Best Female (Lucca Comics 2015)

Best Female (Comixland 2016)

Photographer: MGPhotographer, Leonardo Bigliazzi, Marco De Rizzo

I made this costume after being contacted by a Game convention that requested to have a Blizzard costume. So I decided to make the purple wizard from Wei Wang illustration (and artist who work for Blizzard).
Unfortunateli there is only one image about this dress, and it was not so easy to project it. I made some parts just imagining how they could be. So some pieces are original from my mind. In general I’m faithful to the character, but if there are no references you can’t be 100% close.
It was so hard make everything in less than 2 months, I won’t do again the same in future, I was destroyed after the event ç_ç
I’m lucky to have a boyfriend that helped me a lot with this costume, he teached me how to work with plastic as well!


Dress: I used good quality fabrics (satin, tafftà, silk) even if it was a bit expensive  I like the result and I think the colour well match to the reference pic. It’s always hard to find the right fabric. Expecially where I live, infact I had to travel 2 hour far from my place for visit a good store fabric.
I made a dress that can be used also without corset and armor, I think it’s better if I want to stay comfortable or wear a part of the costume at home and the rest in the convention.

Armor: I made 90% of the armor with PVC sheets, that are very smooth even if not so easy to work with. I used black worbla only for the round part of the breastplate, but it was hard to make it smooth as the other material.
Everything inside is covered with black craft foam for have more “grip” to me, for make the armor more comfortable and warm, and also for make a cleaner aspect also inside!

Gems: I made all the gems with resin, andI made the galaxy effect with 9 nail polishes. They’re so bright!

Colour: I bought high quality paint and I used airbrush. I had some problems the day before to leave to the convention because eveything comes out and I had to recolour everything again in only 1 day (thanks to my boyfriend that saved everything !).
I want to add some shadows in future, I had no time to do it before, but I’ll do! Also because I spent 50€ in airbrush colour only for this armor and I have not used them all yet because of time.

Orb: plexiglass sphere with 3 leds inside (purple blue white), shining chiffon, airbrushed inside with candy colours just after water sanding everything.

Book: It’s a fake book made in plastic, cutting 30 linees with cutter and than adding a shadow, so it seems to have real pages. Inside is empty and I use it as a pocket for my phone and money!

Scrolls: Made with PVC tubes, pvc sheets, fabrics, 3D colour.

I had no time for make a staff, but I’ll do in future don’t worry ^^

Work in progress pics and other details are also on my Facebook page -> here.