Wizard – Diablo

Character: Female Wizard

Series: Diablo

Version: Wei Wang Illustration

Year: 2015

Costume: selfmade

Award: Best Female (Lucca Comics 2015) + Best Female (Comixland 2016) + Special Mention (Novegro 2016)

I made this costume after being contacted by Gamegune who asked me to make a Blizzard cosplay. So I decided to work on the purple wizard from Wei Wang illustration (and artist who works for Blizzard).
Unfortunately there is only one image about this dress, and it was not so easy to figure it out. I made some parts just imagining how they could be. So some pieces are original from my mind. In general I’m faithful to the character, but if there are no references you can’t be 100% close.
It was so hard make everything in less than 2 months, I won’t do again the same in future, I was destroyed after the event ç_ç


MAKING OF (Wizard)

NOTE: There are differences between the first version (2015) and the last one (2018) due to many costume upgrades through the years.

Dress: I used good quality fabrics (satin, taffetà, silk), it was a bit expensive but I like the result and I think the colour well match to the reference pic. It’s always hard to find the right fabric where I live: I had to travel 2 hour far from my place for visit a good fabric shop..
I made a dress that can be used also without corset and armor, every part is separate.

Armor: I made 90% of the armor with PVC sheets, that are very smooth even if not so easy to work with. I used black worbla only for the round part of the breastplate, but it was hard to make it smooth as the other material.
Everything inside is covered with black craft foam in order to have more “grip” and also to look cleaner inside!
To work faster due to the deadline Antonio helped me with some armor pieces shaping.

Gems: I casted all the gems with transparent resin, the galaxy effect is made with 9 different colors and glitters on the back side.

Colour: I bought high quality spray paint and I used airbrush for the gold parts. I had some problems the day before to leave to the convention because eveything comes out and I had to recolour everything again in only 1 day (thanks to Antonio that saved everything !).
2 years later I repainted everything and added more shadows, for a better armor effect.

Orb: plexiglass sphere with LED, purple/blue chiffon fabric and airbrushed inside with candy colours.

Book: It’s a fake book: the cover comes from an old book and the pages are a pvc box with a lot of lines I cut one by one and thein painted. With this idea, the book is super light-weight and I can use it as apocket for my phone and money!

Scrolls: Made with PVC tubes, pvc sheets, fabrics, 3D colours.

Work in progress pics and other details are also on my Facebook page -> here.